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From Alberta to Argay, Northeast Portland OR is a wonderful part of the city to live in. Whether you have a classic bungalow or a cute apartment, we know how important it is for you to find the perfect furniture for your home. The Furniture Shack has hundreds of different bedroom sets, living room sets, and dining room sets–all at discounted prices! From modern sofas to elegant dining tables, we have something for everyone.

The Furniture Shack family has been selling quality discount furniture for over 20 years, and our buyers are constantly searching for the best in discounted furniture. We love to help our customers find the right furniture for them, whether it’s an armchair to grow old with, or a new dining room table for your growing family! We take pride in our straightforward prices, and we don’t use gimmicks or sales tactics to get sales. If you’re looking to fill your Northeast Portland home with an affordable furniture set, come into The Furniture Shack!

Discount Furniture And Mattresses In Northeast Portland OR

Our family has been selling quality discount furniture for over 20 years. We don’t use gimmicks or sales tactics to get your purchase: we just want you to find the right furniture for your home! Our buyers are working to deliver the best in discounted furniture to your doorstep: no fine print and no inflated costs. If you’re looking for an easy way to upgrade your home in Vancouver WA, come into The Furniture Shack. We have something for everyone–all at a great price!

free furniture layaway Portland Gresham Vancouver OR WA

FREE 5-Star Layaway Plan

It’s Free! There are no interest fees, setup fees or storage fees. You put down what you want, you pay every two weeks what you want, and take it home when you want. All we ask for is a 2 week notice prior to pickup. We also allow you as the consumer to change up items if you find something different than what you originally selected. On top of that, we also offer a 10 day refund on your initial layaway deposit if you decide against it. Anything after 10 days is a merchandise credit. You’re the boss!

discount furniture financing Portland Gresham Vancouver

Easy Financing

We offer 6 month interest free financing under $1000 and 12 months for anything over $1000. Our interest free financing has flexible payment plan options to make it convenient to you!

Same Day Deliveries

The Furniture Shack provides same day delivery or will schedule it at your day of preference. We understand that you might be moving, closing on a new home, or need to rid your current home of merchandise that has been purchased previously. You pick the date and we will make it happen! Call for details.

Military Discount on Furniture Portland Oregon Vancouver Washington Gresham OR

Military Discount

Thank you to our service men and women for the sacrifices that you give and have given! As a family owned business and having military service in our family, we know what those sacrifices are. We offer an additional 5% on our already discounted products. Wish we had more room, but our prices are already discounted vs other retailer establishments. Clearance items or sale items do not apply. Again, THANK YOU for what you do for this great country!

Discount Furniture & Mattresses in Northeast Portland OR

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