Family with dog laying on a rug. The Furniture Shack serving Portland OR and Vancouver WA offers furniture care service to protect your furniture.Furniture Care Service

Our furniture care service program by Gaurdsman is here for you. When an accident happens, your investment will be protected. Our furniture protection plans are insurance for your furniture. They will protect your furniture’s long-term value and help against costly repairs due to a host of common household stains and damages.

Furniture Protection Plan

Furniture Shack’s Total Care furniture protection plan will help keep your furniture looking brand new longer. So you can go on and love your new Furniture Shack furniture without stressing over everything that life — or your kids and pets throws at them. Here’s what’s covered in our furniture protection plan:

Total Care Total Care Power Total Care VIP
Food & Beverage Stains
Human & Pet Bodily Fluids
Gel Pen
Shoe Polish
Rips, Tears, & Cigarette Burns
Blue Jean Dye
Newspaper Transfer
Seam Separation
Liquid Rings from Beverages
Scratch, Gouge or Chip
Heat Marks
Lifting or Bubbling of Veneer
Chip or Breakage of Glass or Mirrors
Loss of Silvering on Mirrors
Failure of Integral Electrical Components
Breakage of Motors or Mechanisms
Breakage of Steel Frames
Breakage of Welds
Accidental Damage from Handling
All Stains
Dye Transer
Nail Polish Remover
Breakage of Frames, Panels or Springs

Become a VIP with our Total Care VIP with Pet by Gaurdsman

Have a pet in your home? Pets can scratch, chew or urinate on your furniture. You can’t blame them for acting on their animal instincts, but you can protect your brand new furniture.

Our total care VIP with Pet Service program allows you to enjoy the luxury of your new furniture without having to worry about what damages your pet can cause. With this coverage in place, any damages and stains will be repaired or cleaned.

Your furniture is an investment so why not protect it? Our furniture care service program will keep your investments safe. Quality furniture can last you a lifetime if taken care of. So don’t let accidents ruin could otherwise last you a lifetime.

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