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YAY! You’re here! Let me be the first to welcome you to the first ever Stars Hollow inspired coffee and gift shop. I consider myself one of the biggest Gilmore Girls fans; it’s impossible to guess how many times I’ve watched the series (after 20, I lost count.) Like every single fan – young and old – I would love to live in a town like Stars Hollow or at the very least, visit one. It is so magical and welcoming and the townspeople are in a league all their own.

After a lot of prayer, I realized I could pull a Luke and turn my little boutique into a coffee/gift shop and even keep the original sign! 😉 That is how It’s All In The Dee-Tales turned into Only With My Oxygen!!

It is self-serve, go at your own pace, take 100x selfies and soak in the Stars Hollow ‘dee-tales’ we all know and love.

  • Town Meetings at Miss Patty’s Ballet Studio? Sure – why not!
  • Enjoying a cup of coffee with your pie while surrounded by Friday Night Dinner decor? Yes, please!
  • Taking #alltheselfies in front of a tree that was clearly decorated by a glitter gun similar to Kirk’s? Sign me up!
  • The chance to purchase rare and limited Gilmore Girl swag from the world’s only Stars Hollow Vending Machine? Wait, what??

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Yes, you read that correctly. Perched right in the middle of a Fall wonderland sits the world’s first and only Gilmore Girls/Stars Hollow inspired vending machine! (I fill it and care for it myself. All of the goods were handpicked by me and represent all of the businesses we adore in Stars Hollow.)

While COVID put an extremely large “PAUSE” button on our efforts, we are enticingly close to being open to the public. For now, we are accepting reservations only in order to respect and honor the CDC guidelines.

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We are so excited to share our little corner of magic with you.


DeeAnn and The Furniture Shack Family

We are not affiliated with Warner Bros. or Netflix and we do not own rights to the magical world of fictional Stars Hollow. We are simply fans who adore the show and thank God every single day that Amy Sherman Palladino was inspired on her trip to Washington Depot, CT.

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